Now Is The Time




Health Challenges

Three Ways I Can Support You …….


If you are stressed and overwhelmed, then its time to start decluttering, and putting things back where you can find them. We all know the impact of stress on our health.If you have challenges such as a busy work life, and possibly a physical or mental illness, it can be hard to get started and feel organised. You may be physically exhausted with conditions such as Fibromyalgia or Multiple Sclerosis, lacking motivation because of depression, or coping with the stress of hoarding or supporting someone else who is overwhelmed with ‘stuff’. My understanding, patience and support help you to find the right solutions for a less stressful way to live.

Improved Relationships

A difficult pregnancy, birth or busy family life, creates special challenges when it comes to being organised. When your focus is on something, or someone else, then home conditions often take a back seat. In pregnancy you may be anaemic or coping with a condition such as pre-eclampsia and needing to rest more. After a challenging birth, you need recovery time, plus time to concentrate on your baby. Family life gets busy and you want to spend quality time together. The better the declutter and organising solutions, the simpler life is, and the easier it is to maintain your home. I show you how to be in a better place.

Safety At Home

As we get older, we can face the challenge of being unsteady, coping with declining health, or even being nursed at home. You may have an elderly relative that you are concerned about, and their home needs a declutter to avoid accidents, trips and falls. You may be considering making a bedroom downstairs for someone that struggles to climb upstairs. A great time to declutter is when you are preparing for home changes, or someone coming home from hospital. Being nursed at home may mean that you have to find room for medical equipment which is hard with space at a premium. You want to enjoy special times not be stressed trying to sort it all out. Let me take away some of the worry so that you concentrate on better things.

There are many more ways to help you get organised. Every circumstance is different and I can get you on track.