Make Your Desk Work For You!

You work hard, but something seems to be distracting you. If your desk is top heavy, cluttered, chaotic and you dread looking at it then it’s time for a change. Make your desk work for you.

Clutter is no help to your business. If your work environment is crowded then so is your head, and your mental agility is reduced. Loss of focus is loss of business. Let’s do something about that.

Try these 5 things and you will see a clear desk and a clear head. All are simple and quick to achieve.

1. Sweep your arm from one side of your desk across to the other ensuring everything on the desk falls to the floor. Joking! Just checking you were still with me. Take everything off your desk. Clean the desk. Now only put back what you cannot get through the day without; I am talking essentials. The things you cannot work without. You may have 2 or 3 things on your desk at this point. A PC or Laptop is a safe bet. Possibly an in-tray. Maybe a pen holder. Could be an angled light. Looks good already. Remember just the essentials at this stage.

2. Now collect together all the things that were on your desk and you didn’t consider essential. Group like for like items together – so all your pens together, all your sticky notes, all your amusing desk toys and anything else! Now consider how many you have of each category. Do you have so many you never need to buy again? It’s good awareness to see the whole lot and it stops you buying or collecting things you don’t need. Now think about whether you use any of the items on a daily basis? If you do put it on your desk - just one -nobody needs 30 pens to hand! Now you have just desk essentials and daily items and you can start to focus.

3. The next step is to think about how you work and consider if your current products help you. How about that in-tray that sits on your desk – does it have minimal papers in it that you action daily? Or, is it overflowing with papers with last year’s date and going a bit yellow? The items you considered essential should really work for you and they should serve your business. I would abandon an in-tray altogether if you cannot bring yourself to action it. Find another system that you like and you can make work for you. If you are not sure how, I offer a free consultation to talk you through options.

4. It’s now time to find containers for the things you barred from living on your desk. Once again, group like for like together. A box for all the pens. A box for sticky notes. You don’t have to buy new any boxes will do. It’s so much easier to keep the office tidy when you have items carolled together. Also you can see exactly what you have and it serves as a reminder that you really don’t need more of them. Tidying the office becomes really quick because you don’t use the first available surface as a dumping ground. You put stuff away. It finally has a home. Quick and simple solutions work best.

5. Finally make it a habit to clear your desk at the end of each night. All the things you have on your desk that you won’t use tomorrow go back to where they really live. It’s just 5 minutes to prepare for the next day. When you arrive at work and your desk looks chaotic, guess what, your brain starts to scramble too. Walk into an office that is ready to go, with a desk you want to sit at, and you will automatically work better. Mindset is everything and will boost your business. Start today and make the most of each day.

Maintenance is key. Daily action, thats just 5 minutes, and you are sorted. Let me know if you have any questions or comments, leave them below, and I will answer each one.

Good luck


Carol Richardson