January Jumble!

It’s a fact that after the sparkle and glitter of Christmas our homes can look dark and gloomy. If your home is cluttered too it’s a depressing sight. All we see is jumble.

In this blog I am taking you through some quick fixes to get back on track, or if you never were on track, to develop some new habits. Doing a declutter is an essential first step to getting organised. Follow my advice and you will soon be making great progress.

5 Steps To A Successful Declutter

1. Have a system. You can randomly wander and remove things you don’t need, and it’s a great start, but will you remove ALL the clutter that way? The chances are you won’t. There are a couple of choices here – either collect all the like for items or choose a room to declutter. I prefer to collect all the like for like items, because it gives you the chance to see how many things you have of the same colour and style etc. Then you spot your buying habits, such as buying more stationary, when you could easily stock your own shop! Once you have collected the pile you want to sort you are onto the next stage.

2. Be brutal. It’s no good sifting and sorting and keeping the majority of your clutter. The idea is to free up space. Make decisions. What do you love, use and need from the pile in front of you? Some things leap out at you and they are clearly no longer useful. You are only saying goodbye to the things that don’t serve you and that reduces clutter. Hold up the item you are deciding about and you will get an immediate – yes, no or maybe sensation in your stomach. Deep down you know if it should stay or go. The problem is we try to talk ourselves out of our original feeling. We doubt ourselves. Trust your instinct. Lets see what hinders us in the next step.

3. Decide to decide. You are holding a t shirt that is a size too small. The t shirt was once black but now looks grey. You remember you wore it at a special event and you are tempted to keep it. If you were with someone else making this decision what would you say? You may lose weight but equally the chances are you won’t. If you do you will want new clothes. The t shirt did it’s job and you enjoyed it. Time to say goodbye and free up enough room for the clothes you can actually wear. A functional wardrobe will serve you so much better and it’s easier to choose what to wear each day.

4. Stick to your guns when you have decided. You will have numerous black bin liners after your declutter. You will be proud of what you have achieved. Then a voice in your head says ‘are you sure’? You are tempted to peak in the bags and make sure you made the right decision. My advice? Don’t. Your initial decision was the right one. You held the possessions, they were not useful or needed, you are making the right decision. Even if in 10 years time, you suddenly remember one of the discarded items, and have a twinge of regret, would it really be the end of the world? Take the bags to their destination as soon as you can and you won’t be tempted to retrieve anything and undo your good work.

5. Consider the good you are doing when you donate. The things you have decided to part with are going to help someone else. A charity shop find is glorious. I once volunteered for Oxfam and the happy faces in the shop, clutching something they really wanted was lovely. Very little has to go to landfill. Search for ‘waste not’ services and you find some really creative people that help out families in need and some even repurpose the stuff you thought was no use to anyone. When you say goodbye someone else says hello and I think that is fabulous. It’s like putting money in a charity tin.

We all suffer from a cluttered part of our home at some point in our lives. I hope this blog helps you to get back on track and feel that you can find time for the things you enjoy doing. Post a comment with ideas for more blog topics.

Carol x

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