Testing Organising Products

When your organise for a living you are in the wonderful position of testing out ways and means to keep your clients organised. I am the kind of person that loves to spend the day sourcing and testing products. My idea of heaven is to be locked in Ikea overnight! By mistake - honest!

I have built up a staple of products that I take with me to client homes and offices because they are likely to be needed on most occasions. In this blog I am going to give you my top 5 best ideas for using the products and making your life easier.

My Top 5 Products To Keep You Organised

I will put product links for each of the products to give you an idea of what I would choose. The blog picture shows you the items I have selected. Yes, I am that organised! All of them are equally useful in the home or the office.

  1. Cable Holders - are dream products that keep those annoying wires in check. You know what it’s like, you have so many electrical items, and finding the cable to recharge is like picking up a handful of spaghetti and not knowing which is the right strand! Cable holders stick to the closest available surface, they can be in different colours, they get the cable up off the floor, and its so easy to separate your wires, so that you instantly see the obvious one you need. I thought most people knew about them until I did a recent talk and realised they were a new concept to most. Think about all those minutes lost and the stress you feel looking for the right cable. I stick mine to office furniture and it has helped me to be more efficient. Such an easy solution. Check this out.

  2. Stick on Hooks - sometimes you want a quick and changeable solution to pinning something to the wall. It’s things you want to hand but you may not want a permanent hole drilled in the wall, especially, if you are liable to changing your mind. These stick on hooks are amazing. You can be super organised and have everything easily available. They really are sticky, and you get a guide as to how much weight they will hold. Lots of different types are available. These help you to get surfaces cleared, and that gives you more space. I use them for clipboards near my desk but equally they can be used for things like jewellery where you want to keep necklaces from getting tangling. They come in a range of sizes so the tiny ones work well for lighter items. I guess you could paint them the wall colour if you wanted them to blend in. Check this out.

  3. Tackle boxes - are a great way to store smaller items that you often lose or things that would get tangled in a bigger container. Think batteries, buttons, cables, memory sticks and so on. The list of storage items is endless. Paperclips and staples in the office are obvious items that mess up your drawers and get lost. Crafting materials need to be to hand and together. Your smaller DIY products at home need to be in an obvious place.. The point is they are all stored in a way that keeps them dry and tangle free and you can find them. With these boxes you can also see how many you have and when you are running low on something such as batteries. I usually carry a tackle box to my organising jobs and I keep things like cable ties and sticky hooks and any small items I don’t want to lose inside the box. Items don’t fall out and its a sturdy container. Check this out.

  4. Drawer dividers - a box within a box is a must-have to see what you have, and keep like for like things separate. The obvious place to use dividers is in your dresser drawers to separate out socks and underwear, but they are useful in many other areas of the home or office. Anywhere you have a drawer, likely to get messy, and t’s hard to see what you have, is the perfect place to use these. I would buy a selection of different sizes, they often come this way, and then you arrange them in the drawer however it suits you. Measure the inside of the drawer to get an idea of how many you will need. If they are the squashy type you can often make them fit. If not and they move about use a bit of blue tack underneath to stop them moving. They are a fabulous way to keep your stuff neat. Check this out.

  5. Containers - all shapes and sizes can be found and they are your new best friend when it comes to keeping your stuff ‘contained’. I prefer clear containers so that I can easy see what is inside but that’s just my thing. There are masses of products out there in all varieties of shapes and sizes. You don’t always have to buy new if you can repurpose what you have or search charity shops. I would first of all do your declutter so that you are just left with the things you really want to keep, then put like for like together, and you have a good idea of the size of box you need. Get them with lids and the contents don’t get dirty. You can stack them, and it’s possible to do that in those tiny alcoves, that are useless for anything else. You can label them, colour co-ordinate them for different categories, just make it fun! I usually make funky labels for my clients to fit in with decor. Check this out.

There you go, my must have product ideas, now you will be organised and have quick solutions to storage problems. Remember too, when you have decided where things live you also want to put them back, so you are instantly tidier!

Let me know what gadgets you find helpful at home or in the office.