DIY Option

This service works really well for those that want a luxury organising plan for the home or office. You are highly motivated to get the job done, carrying out the work themselves. You are provided with the right questions so that there is a clear vision of the finished product. You benefit from expert guidance and a resource to ask for advice. I put a detailed plan together for you and this guides you on how to get fabulous results. This service is delivered worldwide. 

You will benefit from:

  • A detailed assessment of the room/s you want to change (through a video link)

  • A customised plan is detailing all elements of your project step by step

  • You are advised on organising solutions and what makes the best use of your space

  • The option to take up face to face organising if you decide you prefer this (at a discounted rate)

  • A follow up email after 7 days and then 30 days