Let’s Organise Together

Carol Richardson is the founder and owner of Space Creator. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience making the most of the space that people have at home or at work. Knowing how to declutter and rearrange makes any room feel more spacious. You have less stress and more family time. At work you are sharper and that brings business success. Being on your best game takes you ahead of the competition.

Face to Face Organising 

Perfect for people that need help to get started and want assistance to declutter and reorganise. Its great to work together on organising projects.

Virtual Organising

The full organising experience and you are not limited by where you live. A video is all we need and we declutter and organise in the usual way. 

DIY Organising

Perfect for people that are motivated to do their own organising but are not sure where to start. Get your detailed plan to and email support.